The Farmish Collective
The Farmish Collective

We’re a group of online entrepreneurs, working together to help others grow a business that fits and supports their lifestyle… just like we’re doing.

The Farmish Collective idea germinated in December 2017, when Sandrine Coosemans realised she didn’t just want to help others grow their Facebook pages… she wanted to help others achieve their dream lifestyle.

By March 2018, it had grown its core of 4 people: Sandrine (of course), Mellissa Wheeler, Dana Thompson, Sarah Hanstock.

We launched the Farmish Collective as a membership in April 2018 for founding members. People were able to join at a low monthly rate - and we were creating content and building the project as we went along.

In January 2019, we reverted into a free community again. Our Facebook group is now the epicentre of the collective; we also have a monthly newsletter where we share our stories + inspiration for others.