What Does a Social Media Manager Do? And What Do They Not Do?

What is a Social Media Manager?

Before becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, most people have never heard the term “social media manager” or “social media management.”

When they do, they are probably confused and might question what that means. What does a social media manager do? And what do they NOT do?

What a Social Media Manager Does

There is so much that a social media manager does and the list will vary slightly for each social media manager that you encounter. Some may also offer other Virtual Assistant (VA) services alongside their social media services. Today, you will learn the basic tasks that a social media manager can carry out and how they can help you in your business.

1.  Scheduling social media posts

The main reason that most businesses or entrepreneurs hire a social media manager (or SMM) is to post to their social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

A business owner may need to spend less time on social media and more time working on growing their business, or they may understand the importance of social media in business, but not know how to use it effectively.

A SMM can either post manually, or schedule posts using a scheduling system (e.g., Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, SmarterQueue, etc.) This depends on what services they offer, and what their client is requesting. They can post anything from a few times a week up to several times a day.

2.  Curating and/or creating content

What does a social media manager post?

That depends on the agreement with their clients. Some clients send their social media managers all of the content ready to go, for the SMM to just schedule or manually post the content.

However, some clients need content created or curated for them. This sounds easy to some people, but a good social media manager doesn’t just post anything that they find on the internet.

It takes time and research to find and post content that is relevant to your brand and your audience.

Good content creation and curation takes time. It will require the SMM to become familiar with their client’s brand, voice, and image. No one should look at the content on a social platform and be able to tell that the brand itself didn’t post that. It should flow seamlessly.

3. Engagement

A social media manager can also be hired to engage with their client’s audience.

This can include engaging with people who already follow you, responding to comments on your posts, and commenting on relevant accounts or under relevant hashtags for Instagram.

Again, this may seem trivial and not time-consuming to some, but a good social media manager will embody their client’s voice and brand. The engagement should be thoughtful, genuine and in the voice of the client. It should be more than just an, “Oh, I love that!”

4.  Account setups

An SMM may also set up social media accounts for your business, on whatever platform that you request. They should set the account up in your voice and highlight your brand. It should be completely optimised and SEO-friendly, making it easy to find your content using search engines like Google.

As you can see, an SMM does a lot!

Not only can they help businesses get their time back, they can also use social media to set them up as authorities in their industry.

What a Social Media Manager Does Not Do

1.  Social media managers DO NOT handle sales.

Social media managers DO NOT handle sales.

Wait, what? Isn’t that the point in hiring someone to manage your social media platforms?

Well, no, it isn’t.

An SMM typically does not guarantee an increase in sales for the client. They can increase traffic to your site/blog/products/etc., but the selling comes from you. Your product/service/whatever you are offering should be so amazing, that once the traffic hits, the sales happen. But it’s not an SMM’s job to actually deliver the sale.

2. Social media strategy

Although a lot of social media managers will offer strategies along with their services, not all of them will.

Strategies usually include account audits. An account audit will typically include tips on how to optimise your profile, SEO/keyword tips (especially for Pinterest) and content tips.

Strategy sessions are usually more in-depth and include step-by-step strategy and action plans specific to your brand and audience, and typically one-on-one coaching on how to improve your strategy and reach more people through your social media platforms.

3. Social media ads or funnels

Setting up advertising strategies or sales funnels would be considered more high-end services, so not every SMM can or will offer them.  You may also find someone who offers social media ads, (e.g., for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter), but not funnels (although the two really go hand in hand.)

4. Buying fake followers & engagement

This is where some may disagree. A great SMM will not buy fake followers or engagement to grow an account. It isn’t authentic. These “followers” will not be your ideal clients. And most people can see a fake or bought account from a mile away!

For busy business owners and entrepreneurs, hiring a social media manager is an easy decision. They know that it will give them their time back to work on growing their business and they recognise what impact a prominent social media presence can have on a  business or brand!

How about you? Do you outsource any of your social media tasks and if so, which ones? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you thinking of setting up in business as a Social Media Manager? If so, check out our mini course "Getting Started as a Virtual Service Provider", which teaches you the basic info to get up running that EVERY online freelancer needs to know.

Are you thinking of setting up in business as a Social Media Manager? If so, check out our mini course "Getting Started as a Virtual Service Provider", which teaches you the basic info to get up running that EVERY online freelancer needs to know.


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