Picking Business Goals that Support Your Financial Goals

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably have several projects in mind at any given moment. Or maybe you have a few different products already, and would like to find out which one you should put your energy into right now - which product or service is going to help you achieve your income goals…

This exercise can help you get your goals straight.

If you know how much income you should be making each month to survive (Minimum income), how much income you want to make to live comfortably and support your lifestyle (Target income), the M-T-O exercise is ideal to find out how to actually make that income.

You can (and should!) add your Outrageous income to it: that’s the amount of money you would like to make in an ideal world, and that would enable you to realise your dreams. Retire your husband, pay off your debts in no time, buy your dream home,…

Adding this Outrageous income to the exercise will not only show you which of your income streams can help you achieve that dream - but subconsciously, you’re also more likely to reach your Target income, if there’s another goal to achieve after that. Crazy, but it works!

Now without much further ado… watch the video to get the idea!