How can SEO Help Grow your Local Business?

Are you selling products locally from a brick & mortar store? Maybe you’re offering your produce at farmers’ markets, making soap or cheese or selling something else made from scratch? Do you have a bed and breakfast or a glamping site? Or are you offering services, perhaps teaching in-person courses or hosting retreats?

Whether you’ve got a market garden, you’re coaching others in real life or have any other type of local business - you need your customers or clients to be able to find you online. That’s where local SEO comes in.

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What is SEO All About?

You probably know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - the various ways in which you can optimise your site and content to help drive traffic and increase visitors. If not, you should definitely take a look at our Complete Guide to SEO.  This will help you set up a solid foundation when it comes to SEO and show you some handy tips to get your business found by Google, Pinterest and all other relevant search engines.

Local SEO is a tiny bit different from regular SEO though. Yes, of course, you can use the current practices and techniques available to all; but there’s MORE you can do to increase your chances of getting found specifically by people searching for products or services in YOUR target area.


Let’s Talk About Local SEO 

Kurt Frankenberg of Hack Local Search is an expert in local SEO. After getting amazing results with his own local enterprises (a screen repair company and a martial arts school for children), he started helping others with local businesses… and achieving the same outstanding results. There’s a reason that his Facebook group is called “Get Your Local Business on Google Page One”!

Even if you’re already an expert in general SEO, you might still want to take a look at the live class we were lucky enough to have with Kurt. During the class, he shared a few insights from running his own businesses and helping out clients - plus he talked about his three biggest “hacks” to get found online as a local business. Guaranteed to surprise you! 

Whether you’re selling products or offering services locally, your first step towards being found online is watching this video! 

Sandrine is a Facebook & Online Strategist. Born in Belgium with a passion for travel, she spends the majority of her time on her off-grid olive & almond farm in Spain. Her mission: helping others make their dreams reality - with an online business to support them.