5 Facebook Business Page Tips to Make your Page Convert Better

If you want to use Facebook to achieve your business goals (whether you’re offering products or services, have a blog or are doing something else entirely), you need a Facebook page to get found. We’re talking about a “Facebook business page” here - which is distinctively different from a Facebook profile. Check out this article if you’d like to know more about the difference between the two!

There are currently more than 80 million business pages on Facebook, so how can you stand out in the ocean of brand pages, hobby pages, blog pages, shop pages and more?

The first step to getting a Facebook business page that converts is making sure that when your ideal follower discovers the page, they’ll want to check it out. And if they like the content, they might like and follow your page as well - and become the page’s raving fan!

Many people aren’t aware of these 5 mistakes they’re making; thankfully they’re really easy to fix.

1. Choose a Name That Will Get You Noticed by Your Ideal Follower

Many Facebook business pages have names that don’t tell visitors what the page is about. You might have your personal name as the page name, or the name of the website, blog or product associated with your page, but when scrolling past in a list of pages in that niche, your ideal follower wouldn’t give it a second glance.

Instead, choose a Facebook page name that people will want to click when it comes up in Facebook search. Pick a name that your ideal audience will identify with or recognise at first sight. This will guarantee that a lot more people will click on the link and actually see your page.

2. Use the Story to Get People Excited About Your Facebook Business Page

In the right sidebar of your Facebook page, as part of your About Section, you’ll see the “Story” - a space for a bit of text with a picture. (As distinct from the Facebook Stories you create, which sit at the top of your News Feed and only stick around for 24 hours.)

Many people use the story to tell their visitors something about themselves, but that is not what most visitors are looking for. They visit a Facebook page that looks good, and they want to know what they have to gain from following it. So instead of (or before) talking about yourself, tell your visitors how your page could help them, entertain them, or give them something of value.

Be aware that in the sidebar, only the first sentence or two will show; people need to click on it to expand the text and read more. So make that first sentence count! Don’t waste time welcoming people to your Facebook page, or repeating the page name.

3. Let Your Pictures Clarify Your Message

The 3 main pictures that help craft the first impression people get from your Facebook page are:

  • The profile picture

  • The cover picture (the banner image on top)

  • The story picture (optional - the picture that goes with your About Section "Story")

Too many people use this valuable real estate for the wrong purpose. They might repeat the page name three times or more, put lots of text on it, have pictures of themselves or worse - really bad quality pictures.

Instead,  you should use your pictures to craft an atmosphere; make sure they resonate with your ideal audience, and that they clarify what the page is about.

Our 4 tips to make your Facebook page pictures stand out are:

  • Don’t repeat the name of your page in the cover or profile picture. This is completely redundant, as neither picture will ever get shown without the page name. Same goes for your website URL - it is shown in the right sidebar, so why repeat it on the cover page? People can’t even click the link there.

  • Ideally, it’s best not to have text on your images. If you really need to use a few words to show your visitors what your page is about, make sure it’s big enough for people to read it, even when it’s tiny on their mobiles.

  • Don’t put up random and generic pictures of yourself and/or your family. While it may feel personal and welcoming to you, to complete strangers, it can feel as if the whole page is about you, rather than the topic they’re visiting your page to learn more about.

  • Make sure your pictures are good quality, so people immediately see what they’re supposed to depict. Also check that the resolution is high enough, so the images don’t pixelate when people click on it or zoom in on them.

4. Post Content Your Audience Wants to See

When sharing content to your Facebook page, it’s really not about posting what you want people to know; it’s about providing your followers with content they will love.

With everything you post, imagine how it will make the reader or viewer feel. How does it relate to them? Does it help them, provide them with valuable information, or entertain them at all? If the answer is “No,” then don’t post it.

Click here for an article that will help you find exactly the right type of content that your Facebook followers will love to read or watch!

5. Share Quality Content from Other Pages

Many Facebook page admins who are just starting out think that the “correct” way to manage Facebook is by uploading all images and videos directly. However, this is far from correct.

First of all, uploading content (videos or pictures) that you haven’t created yourself or obtained full rights or permission to post is considered stealing - even if you tag the creator’s page or name in it. You might get away with that one if you ask nicely, but really that’s obtaining rights to post it.

Aside from that, sharing content that is already on Facebook (and getting good reach and engagement) will also help you get higher reach with your page.

Plus, if you team up with other page owners in your niche and share their content to your page, they might start sharing your content to theirs as well?

Hopefully, this post will help you avoid some of the common mistakes that people make when setting up their Facebook business page.

Do you have any questions on how to set your Facebook business page up for success? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to help you out.


Sandrine is a Facebook & Online Strategist. Born in Belgium with a passion for travel, she spends the majority of her time on her off-grid olive & almond farm in Spain. Her mission: helping others make their dreams reality - with an online business to support them.